Egyptair & Royal Air Maroc Electronics Ban Lifted

Royal Air Maroc has confirmed on Twitter today that the electronics ban on flights to the US has been lifted effective July 13, 2017. Shortly afterward Egyptair also confirmed via Twitter that effective July 12, 2017, they also had the ban lifted by US authorities. These last two liftings of the ban almost consign the whole saga of the electronics ban to the footnotes of aviation history.

Royal Jordanian & Kuwait Electronics Ban Lifted

In the never ending saga of the large electronics ban, Royal Jordanian has announced via Twitter that the electronics ban on their flights to the US has been lifted, and a few hours later Kuwait Airways also announced that they had their ban lifted.

Electronics Travel Ban Lifted In Abu Dhabi

We recently reported that new security measures were going to be implemented, that would mean airports could apply to have the electronic travel ban lifted. Well, Etihad has announced that the electronics ban no longer applies to Etihad flights from Abu Dhabi to the US.