Southwest Airlines 737 Winglet

What Points Qualify for Southwest Companion Pass?

The Southwest Companion Pass is considered to be the holy grail of award travel — Unlimited buy one get one free on Southwest for a year! However, not all of the points you earn will qualify you for the Companion Pass. Study up, as we cover what does and does not help you qualify for the Companion Pass.

Chase Bank

How Does the Chase 5/24 Policy Work?

One rule we’re asked to clarify on a regular basis is the Chase 5/24 policy. Although not an officially published rule, 5/24 is a set of guidelines restricting the approval of new Chase credit card products to applicants with less than 5 new credit card accounts added to a credit report over the past 24 months.

The 5 Best Travel Card Offers for Summer Travel

If you’re limited to traveling during the summer because of school or work schedules, then you’re probably wanting to get away in the next few months. Hopefully, you’ve already got a trip on the books, but if you’re still looking for…