Global Entry and TSA PreCheck

TSA Adds Five New Carriers to TSA Pre✓® – October 2017

The Transportation Security Administration TSA has announced that it is adding five new carriers to its TSA Precheck program. The addition brings the total number of carriers participating in the program to 42. In May 2017, the TSA added a further seven airlines to the program. Here’s a full list of airlines that support TSA Pre✓®. As of May 2018, the total is 52 airlines.


How to Replace Non-Compliant State ID’s Affected by the Real ID Act

Starting October 20, 2018, residents of states impacted by the Real ID Act will need to update their identification to a TSA approved ID to fly any commercial flight, domestic or international. The states involved have all failed to issue a drivers license or state ID that is compliant with the Real ID Act. Who knows if this revised date will stick, but it is something to be aware of.

Lufthansa Lounge Entrance

American Express Adds Lufthansa Lounges in Munich

American Express has added 3 Lounges to its Global Lounge Network in Munich. Holders of The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum® Card from American Express as well as the Centurion Card will have access to the lounges when flying with Austrian, Lufthansa, and Swiss, from Munich’s terminal 2 (Satellite).

Centurion Lounge Las Vegas

Comparison of Premium Travel Rewards Credit Cards

At first glance, credit card fees north of $400 don’t make sense to a lot of points and miles fans. Why would you pay $400+ per year for a card that’s likely to earn fewer points per dollar than low or no annual fee cards from the same rewards family? It’s not until you look past the simple points per dollar equation that the value of a premium travel rewards card comes into focus.

Priority Pass Logo

Priority Pass Benefits – More Than Just Lounges

Priority Pass is the largest independently operated lounge network in the world. But, did you know that Priority Pass doesn’t just offer lounge access? That’s right. Priority Pass has been quietly adding new features to its existing lounge network and now counts a dozen or so restaurants in different locations, a spa in London, and Minute Suites in three airports in the US amongst other benefits you may not know exist.