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Stay up to date with loyalty program and industry news, including travel deals, card credit benefits, and opportunities to maximize your hard-earned points. Some posts in the news category may contain information that no longer applies. Promotions that have ended will have a notice at the top of the post.

Credit Cards

Turn your everyday spending into huge travel savings and amazing perks with the right rewards card.

Award Programs

Learn to maximize each loyalty program with content covering everything you need to know to earn and use points.

Booking Travel

Become a travel pro with detailed guides on everything you need to pull off the trip of your dreams.

Other Tips

Tips and strategies to help you save money, earn more points and travel like a pro.


Tips and strategies to get maximum value from your AwardWallet account.

Topic Tags

Application Strategy

The right application strategy can help you earn more points with less time and effort. Here, you'll find tips and advice to keep your cards aligned with your travel goals.
Banks have complex rules about which applications they'll approve, so timing and sequencing are critical to getting the right cards in your wallet.

Award Sales

Take advantage of award sales to stretch your points even further.

Buy & Transfer Bonuses

Reduce the cost of travel by taking advantage of transfer bonuses and buying points and miles at a discount. Check back often for new deals and promotions.

Car Rental & Rideshare

Get from A to Z with ridesharing services and car rentals.

Card Benefits

Rewards cards aren't just for earning points and miles. Learn how to take advantage of valuable perks like elite status, lounge access, discounts and rebates, free hotel nights, travel insurance, and purchase protection. Armed with the right knowledge, you'll get far more value than the cost of your rewards cards.

Card Offers

Credit card offers change frequently. If you open a new credit card account at the right time, you can earn 2-3 times as many bonus points as you’d get with the standard offer. These posts track welcome bonuses and limited-time offers that supercharge your earning strategy.

Card Reviews

Detailed guides to rewards cards including welcome offers, earning rates, cardholder benefits, and application rules. Here you'll find in-depth reviews of our favorite cards and head-to-head comparisons to help you choose the card that fits your goals.

Cash Back

Sometimes cold hard cash is the best reward. Here you'll find content on cash back rewards that can grow your budget for your next trip.

Credit Score

Pursuing points and miles should never have a negative impact on your credit health. Learn how to protect your credit score.

Deals & Promos

Stay up to date on the latest limited-time deals and promotions to earn more points and save on travel.

Earning Strategy

Learn how to earn more points from your spending, travel, and other promotions.

Elite Status

You don't have to spend a lot of money on travel to get special treatment. Learn how to earn elite status and take full advantage of the benefits.

Family Travel

Travel is a great experience to share. Here, you'll find posts to help you plan and book travel for families and larger groups.

Fees & Policies

Stretch your points further by understanding the rules, fees, and policies of each loyalty program.

Hotels & Accommodation

Make the most of your trip by finding the perfect home away from home.

Major Updates

Major changes to loyalty programs and rewards cards happen all the time. Knowing how programs have changed over time can help you avoid surprises and plan for the future. These posts track our coverage of major updates, so some information may no longer apply. Check out our program guides and credit card reviews for the most up-to-date information.

Sometimes, the best strategy is to pay for travel. Learn when to use points and how to save money when you don't.

Partners & Alliances

With most points and miles, you have far more options than you imagine. Learn how to leverage partnerships and alliances to build the perfect trip.

Program Guides

Detailed guides to each loyalty program, including strategies for earning and redeeming points.

Routes & Availability

Find creative ways to get to your next destination.


Find inspiration for turning your rewards into the next travel adventure. Here, you'll find stories from AwardWallet members about earning points and booking travel.

Travel Experience

Tips to help you enjoy the best possible travel experience.


Step-by-step guides to help you navigate the world of points and miles.

Using Points

Find posts covering every aspect of turning your hard-earned points into travel.

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Credit Card Issuers

Bank Rewards Programs


Frequent Flyer Programs

Hotel Rewards Programs

Rental & Rideshare Rewards Programs

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